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RUN AN AGENCY? With WP Nearby Places Agency, we give you everything you need to succeed as a reseller and agency, including access to our complete knowledge-base.  You obtain lifetime rights to sell, install and use WP Nearby Places PRO on any website and keep 100% of the profits. You also get an affiliate ID and lifetime-customer-rights, entitling you to 50% commissions on all upgrades and add-ons sold for the lifetime of your customer. You get all the necessary sales materials an agency needs to sell, install, train and use our plugins and add-ons. Anytime your customers decide to upgrade to Premium or purchase any one of our released add-on products, for instance, your affiliate account will be credited with the sale. As an Agency of WP nearby Places, all you do is sell PRO, keeping 100% of the profits, and then we’ll handle the rest. Just sit back and make the commissions.

Discount coupons accepted in the cart prior to checkout.


Here’s What You Get After Your Purchase:

The following will either be emailed to you or available in the members’ area, once you’ve made this purchase:

  • An Unlimited License Key – This key will give you the rights to install WP Nearby Places PRO on any website, not just your own, at no additional cost.* You can do this as many times as you want and keep 100% of the profits for yourself as an approved PRO version reseller. You can install it on an infinite number of sites.
  • The Plugin Zip File – The PRO version plugin will be provided for you to download and store on your computer, so it is available when needed.
  • Access to all the Sales Materials –  Banners, logos and other digital assets will be made available to you for your use as you see fit, so that you have all that’s necessary to succeed at selling WP Nearby Places.
  • Affiliate Credentials –  After PRO is installed, we handle all the upgrade and add-on transactions, from soup to nuts, for you using our advanced affiliate marketing and shopping cart technology. You receive a 50% commission on every upgrade made and every simply by using the affiliate link given to you in the members’ area. In this way, you could simply give out your affiliate link and do nothing else but reap the commissions.
  • Lifetime Customers – We link a customer to an affiliate, allowing the linked affiliate to receive a commission on ALL future purchases by the customer. Lifetime commissions is a huge incentive to become an affiliate of WP Nearby Places and promote our products. This provides a greater incentive for affiliates to work much harder to get linked to a customer. Since you, the affiliate, and the customer are linked, you will still be awarded a commission even if the customer clears their browser cookies or uses a different computer.
  • Special Area Access Inside the JV Area – There will be banners with your affiliate ID in the HTML code, which when simply copied and pasted into your websites, emails or other digital advertising materials, will also give you the ability to make your 50% commission on everything sold through those links.

*Please Note – Sales of our add-on products will be made through separate purchases but are part of the affiliate sales, earning you commissions when an add-on becomes available and sold through your links to your customers. Add-on sales can be a substantial and sustainable additional income.

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